✈ Vienna Airport

Transfer to/from Vienna Airport

S7 Schnellbahn

A set of train tracks runs from the city centre to the airport, and while there is a special airport direct link train that makes use of them, it’s a well-known fact among thrifty locals that a commuter train runs along them too. For a grand total of 4€, travellers can hop on the S7 Schnellbahn at the airport and 26 minutes (and a few stops) later arrive at WIEN MITTE. This is a transport crossroads at the Landstrasse underground stop in downtown Vienna that is well connected to other public transport options, for which the S7 ticket is also good.

Trains run daily between 04:00 and midnight. Those to Vienna leave in the ‘Floridsdorf’ direction at 17 and 42 minutes past the hour and those back to the airport leave at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour in the ‘Flughafen Wien’ or ‘Wolfsthal’ direction. While this option does take longer than the others, the price really just cannot be beaten.

CAT - City Airport Train

To start with the most popular transport option, the CAT takes you from Vienna International Airport to Landstrasse/Wien Mitte in just 16 minutes. Since Wien Mitte is a busy underground, bus and tram station close to the city centre you can reach almost any Vienna area directly from there.

Frequency: 30min, 7 days a week; trains run between 06.05am and 23.35pm


Another option that’s quicker than the commuter train and cheaper than a taxi or the CAT is the bus service available from Vienna Airport Lines. With three lines from the airport to different city locations, travellers have an affordable and comfortable way to get to various places across the capital.

After collecting your bags at baggage claim, follow the signs for buses. For the 22-minute journey to the downtown destination Schwedenplatz, buses run from roughly 04:50 to 00:20 and leave the airport every 30 minutes at 20 and 50 minutes past the hour. Other lines will take you beyond downtown like to the 22nd (Kagran) or 15th districts (Westbahnhof).


Vienna International Airport is outside the city limits, about 20 km from the city center. Taxis booked in advance typically cost around 28-35 EUR. Your driver will wait for you at arrivals with a sign bearing your name. At the exit of Terminal 3 taxis are waiting for passengers.

Private Car Service

The most relaxed and comfortably transportation from the Vienna airport is a private airport transfer service. Pre-book your private airport transfer and enter your flight information and a driver will be waiting for you in the Vienna airport arrivals hall. A private airport transfer is about the same price as a taxi but a more reliable service, you do not have to wait in a taxi line - the driver comes to you.

Car Sharing

A new convenient way to get to and from Vienna Airport is car sharing. Just use a car sharing vehicle parked in Vienna and drive yourself to the airport, no waiting for public transportation, or calling a taxi. Once you arrive at the airport you will be able to park at the designated car sharing parking area, parkhaus P3. Leave the car there and heads towards the gate. Are you landing at Vienna Airport no problem, head towards the car sharing parking area, P3 at the airport. Find the right car you want, hop in and drive it to Vienna city centre. Park it anywhere and don’t worry about paying for parking. With car sharing everything is included in the per minute price, parking, insurance, fuel, rental, tax and more.