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Tax Refund

Everybody who visits Austria as a tourist and who is not a resident of an EU country is eligible for the VAT reimbursement. Note that value added tax in Austria is almost always included in the price that is indicated in shops. Bills have to state this - usually as "20% Mwst. inklusive" ("20 percent VAT included"). There is a minimum value of 75 Euros of the purchased item for the reimbursement - this means that your acquisition must have cost at least 75.01 Euros in order to get your cash back. Before you board your home flight, claim the VAT back in good time.

In general, VAT will only be refunded if the following requirements are fulfilled:
- Your primary residence is in a non-Schengen country.
- You do not have a secondary residence within the European Union. Exceptions include countries which are referred to as third-country territories (Canary Islands, Greenland, Lake Lugano and San Marino).
- Your purchase cost more than 75.01 EUR.

How to get a reimbursement of Austrian VAT:
1. Visitors from non-Schengen countries can claim back the Austrian VAT directly at Vienna Airport. In this respect, look out for the information “Tax Free Shopping”. Each shop that offers this possibility makes this information clearly visible in the entrance area or at the checkout. Ask the salesperson directly for a “Tax Refund Cheque`s”, complete it and keep it together with your receipt. You require a “Tax Refund Cheque`s” for all purchases.
2. You should be able to provide all collected, completed “Tax Refund Cheque`s” together with the related receipts at Vienna Airport at the latest.
3. Show purchases:
Purchases IN THE SUITCASE. Firstly, go to the check-in counter for your flight tickets and luggage tags. DO NOT YET drop off your luggage, but take it to the customs counter. Purchases that you have in your suitcase must be shown at the customs counter for a VAT refund. The customs officer will then stamp your “Tax Refund Cheque`s” and take your luggage.
Purchases IN HAND LUGGAGE. You should transport particularly valuable purchases, such as watches, cameras or other electronic devices in your hand luggage. After the passport control and the security check, you can show your purchases with receipts to the customs officer. The customs officer will then stamp your “Tax Refund Cheque`s”. In both cases, please go to the respective customs clearance counter at Gates D, G or F.
4. VAT PAY OUT. You can have your stamped “Tax Refund Cheque`s” paid out at Interchange (Tax-Free Cash Refund Office), in any bank or at any currency exchange counter in Terminal 2, Transfer or Transit Area.

If the customs counter is not staffed, use the telephone on the counter and request a customs officer. Outside of bank opening hours, you can deposit your receipts and “Tax Refund Cheque`s” in the letter box next to the bank counter. The VAT will be transferred to your credit card once the forms have been examined.