✈ Vienna Airport

S7 train to and from airport

S7 is an electrified commuter rail service operating between Floridsdorf and Vienna International Airport, with extended southbound service to Wolfsthal in the greater Vienna area and northbound service to Laa an der Thaya, sometimes ending in Wolkersdorf and Mistelbach. This is the city train that stops at various points in Vienna and goes out to the airport and beyond and back again. It’s a little slower than the CAT with stops en route, so takes around 23 minutes from Wien Mitte. You can leave/reach from any of these Viennese stations: Floridsdorf, Handelskai, Traisengasse, Praterstern, Wien Mitte, Rennweg, St. Marx, Geiselbergstraße, Zentralfriedhof, Kaiserebersdorf, Schwechat, Mannswörth, Flughafen Wien (VIE). When departing Vienna to go to the airport please note the following: For S-Bahn travel, the trains have double entrance doors that you step UP into. If your luggage is large and/or heavy, this could make boarding the S-Bahn train more difficult than other types of trains.

S7 Vienna timetable
from Wien Mitte to the airport: from 04:56 to 21:56 every 30 minutes
from the airport to Vienna: from 05:39 to 22:39 every 30 minutes

S7 tickets
- from 4.40 € (incl. rides in the entire Viennese network)
- ticket for 2 zones is required (core zone 100 & 280)
- only available in the ÖBB ticket shop or as an online ticket