✈ Vienna Airport

Car Park C

Address: Parking C, 1300 Schwechat Vienna Airport
Phone: +43 1 700 72 28 86
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 00:00 to 23:59

Parking C is accessible via the road to the arrivals level. Parking C is uncovered, but connected to the terminals by an underground passage and is located about a 7-minute walk from the check-ins.

Recommended for: Check-in 3
Parking C is about 7-10 minutes walk from the terminals. The footpath is mostly underground and weather protected. Parking lot C is an outdoor parking lot at the airport. This is connected by a tunnel (10 minutes) with all departure terminals (check-in counter). The parking C is the cheapest parking directly at the airport area.

At your arrival:
At the entrance to the park area please pull a parking ticket (press the ticket button) and park your vehicle.

When you come back from your trip:
Upon arrival, please go to one of the cash machines at the airport and insert your parking ticket. Instead of paying the amount in cash or by card, insert the present value card and pay the balance. If you have used the parking for a longer period than booked, you have to settle the difference on the spot. Once the open amount has been paid, you can withdraw the ticket and leave the car park.

up to 1 hour: EUR 3.90
up to 2 hours: EUR 6.90
up to 3 hours: EUR 9.90
up to 4 hours: EUR 12.90
up to 5 hours: EUR 15.90
up to 6 hours: EUR 18.90
Every additional started hour: EUR 3.00

Daily rates:
1 day: EUR 24.90
2 days: EUR 44.90
3 days: EUR 64,90
4 days: EUR 84.90
5 days: EUR 89.90
Every additional day started: EUR 5.00

Weekly rates:
1 week: EUR 104.90
2 weeks: EUR 139.90
3 weeks: EUR 174.90

Domestic Equipments
Barrier-free - Yes
Car parking - 3673
Disabled parking - Yes
E-loading point - No
Bicycle allowed - No
Maximum height - 2.5m
Video surveillance - Yes
Emergency call available - Yes
Elevator - Yes
Mobile reception - Yes
Toilet - Yes

Maximum car dimensions
- Height: 2.50 m
- Width: 2.50 m
- Length: 5.00 m

Fenced, limited, 24 hours staffed and lighted parking lot. The area is regularly checked by the staff.