✈ Vienna Airport


Vienna International Airport is the international airport of Vienna, the capital of Austria, located in Schwechat, 19 km (12 mi) southeast of central Vienna and 56 km west of Bratislava. The buses of Vienna Airport Lines take you direct to Vienna city center, to the Donauzentrum via Vienna International Centre (VIC), or to Vienna’s Westbahnhof. The Blaguss Air-Liner offers non-stop connection to Erdberg. The Eurolines start at Bratislava Airport and run via Vienna Airport to Erdberg.
Currently two companies provide shuttle rides departing from a variety of locations: Vienna Airport Lines and Air-Liner (Blaguss).

Vienna Airport Lines
You can get on the shuttles at different locations in Vienna (Westbahnhof, Morzinplatz, Kagran) and drive to airport Schwechat. These shuttles are the only public transportation possibility to reach airport Schwechat during nighttime.
Shuttle connections:

1. Line: Vienna Westbahnhof-Rathaus - travel time 43min - travel fee 8 Euro.
Boarding point: Vienna Westbahnhof (Europaplatz) - Vienna Volkstheater (Bellariastraße)- Vienna Rathaus (Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz) - Vienna Schottentor (Liechtensteinstraße) - Airport Vienna Schwechat.
Departure time: 05.15 until 23.45, every 30 minutes.

2. Line: Vienna Morzinplatz/ Schwedenplatz - travel time 22 min - travel fee 8 Euro.
Boarding point: Vienna Morzinplatz/ Schwedenplatz - Airport Vienna Schwechat.
Departure time: from 4.00 until 23.30 every 30 minutes.

3. Line: Vienna Kagran (über VIC) - travel time 40min - travel fee 8 Euro.
Boarding point: Donauzentrum - Kagraner Brücke (Hotel Lenas Donau) - Hotel NH Danube City - Kaisermühlen VIC – Krieau - Stadion (Stadioncenter) - Donaumarina (Wehlistraße) - Airport Vienna Schwechat.
Departure time: 05.58 until 20.10.
Tickets can be purchased from the driver.

Air-Liner (Blaguss)
The airport shuttles provided by Blaguss take you from Erdberg to airport Schwechat.
Line: Vienna Erdberg (VIB) - travel time 15 min - travel fee 5 Euro.
Boarding point: Vienna Airport, bus terminal 3, bus stop 9 – VIB Erdberg (U3 station).
Departure time: 05.05 until 22.30 every 60 minutes.
Tickets can be purchased from the driver or online.

Intercity buses. From the Vienna airport there is a domestic towards Graz and a few other cities, as well buses from e.g Vienna airport to Bratislava, Vienna airport to Budapest, Vienna airport to Prague as well as other international destinations, all buses departure from the airport bus station.

Renting a bus at Vienna airport. For larger groups of people it is recommended to rent a bus for a more independent and comfortable trip.