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WIZZ Air Departures from Vienna Airport - Today and Tomorrow

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16.10.2021, Saturday

Departure Flight To Airline Term. Gate Status
Sat, 05:45 W62827 Larnaca International Airport (Larnaca, LCA) Wizz Air T1 G09 Airborne
Sat, 06:05 W62861 Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (Malaga, AGP) Wizz Air T1 F36 Airborne
Sat, 06:10 W62851 Catania Fontanarossa Filippo Eredia international Airport (Catania, CTA) Wizz Air T1 F13 Airborne
Sat, 06:15 W62941 Santorini Airport (Thira, JTR) Wizz Air T1 F07 Airborne
Sat, 06:40 W62873 Oslo Airport (Oslo, OSL) Wizz Air T1 F20 Airborne
Sat, 07:50 W64286 Tuzla International Airport (Tuzla, TZL) Wizz Air T1 G27 Airborne
Sat, 12:10 W62841 Dortmund Airport (Dortmund, DTM) Wizz Air T1 F30
Sat, 13:45 W62955 Corfu Airport (Corfu, CFU) Wizz Air T1
Sat, 14:10 W62825 Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport (Ohrid, OHD) Wizz Air T1
Sat, 14:45 W62857 Keflavik Airport (Reykjavik, KEF) Wizz Air T1
Sat, 15:35 W64522 Varna Airport (Varna, VAR) Wizz Air T1
Sat, 16:40 W62945 Palma de Mallorca Airport (Palma de Mallorca, PMI) Wizz Air T1
Sat, 17:05 W62821 Bari Airport (Bari, BRI) Wizz Air T1
Sat, 18:35 W62897 Podgorica Airport (Podgorica, TGD) Wizz Air T1
Sat, 18:45 W62839 Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia (Thessaloniki, SKG) Wizz Air T1

17.10.2021, Sunday

Departure Flight To Airline Term. Gate Status
Sun, 05:45 W62811 Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv, TLV) Wizz Air T1
Sun, 06:05 W62885 Athens International Airport (Athens, ATH) Wizz Air T1
Sun, 06:10 W62815 Fiumicino Airport (Rome, FCO) Wizz Air T1
Sun, 06:30 W62841 Dortmund Airport (Dortmund, DTM) Wizz Air T1
Sun, 07:35 W63350 Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport (Cluj, CLJ) Wizz Air T1
Sun, 07:40 W66128 International Airport Kyiv (Kyiv, IEV) Wizz Air T1
Sun, 11:35 W62819 Malta International Airport (Malta, MLA) Wizz Air T1
Sun, 12:05 W62859 Stockholm Skavsta Airport (Stockholm, NYO) Wizz Air T1
Sun, 12:10 W62871 Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli (Naples, NAP) Wizz Air T1