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Vienna International Airport (Schwechat, VIE)

Vienna Schwechat Airport tower

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Airport of Vienna International (IATA: VIE, ICAO: LOWW) is the main airport of Austria and located in Schwechat (18 km southeast from Vienna, near 57 km from Bratislava). It's the hub for Austrian Airlines and for Eurowings Europe. It's capable of handling big aircrafts like Airbus A380.

Arrivals and Departures Online

19:15 EW9788 Dusseldorf Landed
19:20 EW7750 Hamburg Landed
20:25 LG8857 Luxembourg Landed
20:45 OS236 Berlin Landed
20:50 OS188 Stuttgart Landed
21:05 ET725 Brussels Landed
21:15 OS566 Zurich Landed
21:20 JU604 Belgrade Landed
21:20 OS172 Hamburg Landed
21:20 OS474 Basel Landed
21:25 OS126 Frankfurt Landed
21:25 OS156 Dusseldorf Landed
21:25 OS576 Geneva Landed
22:40 KL1849 Amsterdam Expected
19:10 LH1243 Frankfurt F02 Airborne
19:45 TK1888 Istanbul G01 Airborne
19:55 EW9789 Dusseldorf F04 Airborne
20:00 EW7751 Hamburg F12 Airborne
21:05 LG8858 Luxembourg F02 Airborne
21:50 JU605 Belgrade G09 Airborne
22:00 3V4574 Liege Airborne
22:05 ET725 Addis Ababa G01 Gate closed
22:40 OS863 Cairo G21
22:40 UPS275 Cologne
22:45 OS975 Graz F02
23:10 OS075 Shanghai G11
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Runways: 3500m, 3600 m.

Operator: Flughafen Wien AG

Address: Wien-Flughafen, 1300 Schwechat, Austria

Phone: (+43) 17 00 7​0, Fax: (+43) 17 00 72 38 06

Opening Hours: 24 hours / 7 days.

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