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Vienna International Airport (Schwechat, VIE)

Vienna Schwechat Airport tower

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Airport of Vienna International (IATA: VIE, ICAO: LOWW) is the main airport of Austria and located in Schwechat (18 km southeast from Vienna, near 57 km from Bratislava). It's the hub for Austrian Airlines and for Eurowings Europe. It's capable of handling big aircrafts like Airbus A380.

Arrivals and Departures Online

22:00 FR215 Milan Landed
22:10 OS418 Paris Landed
22:20 KL1849 Amsterdam Landed
22:25 W62957 Alghero Landed
22:50 OS316 Stockholm Landed
22:55 W62840 Thessaloniki Landed
22:55 W62946 Palma de Mallorca Landed
01:55 W62832 Tenerife Expected
02:10 CV7993 Hong Kong Expected
22:00 OS799 Sofia G09 Airborne
22:05 OS767 Bucharest G03 Airborne
22:05 OS803 Athens F08 Airborne
22:10 3V4251 Liege Airborne
22:10 OS737 Belgrade G04 Airborne
22:25 OS769 Pristina G26 Airborne
22:35 FX5112 Paris Airborne
22:35 OS641 Yerevan G01 Airborne
22:40 EK126 Dubai G31 Airborne
22:40 OS775 Skopje G17 Airborne
22:40 OS849 Tirana G11 Airborne
22:40 UPS275 Cologne Airborne
22:45 OS975 Graz F21 Airborne
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Runways: 3500m, 3600 m.

Operator: Flughafen Wien AG

Address: Wien-Flughafen, 1300 Schwechat, Austria

Phone: (+43) 17 00 7​0, Fax: (+43) 17 00 72 38 06

Opening Hours: 24 hours / 7 days.

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