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Vienna International Airport (Schwechat, VIE)

Vienna Schwechat Airport tower

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Airport of Vienna International (IATA: VIE, ICAO: LOWW) is the main airport of Austria and located in Schwechat (18 km southeast from Vienna, near 57 km from Bratislava). It's the hub for Austrian Airlines and for Eurowings Europe. It's capable of handling big aircrafts like Airbus A380.

Arrivals and Departures Online

22:05 OE125 Porto Landed
22:05 OS516 Milan Landed
22:15 OS418 Paris Landed
22:20 OE115 Liverpool Landed
22:20 OE313 Rome Landed
22:20 OE341 Dublin Landed
22:25 OE371 Valencia Landed
22:40 KL1849 Amsterdam Landed
22:40 OE327 London Landed
22:40 OS394 Barcelona Landed
22:45 LX1584 Zurich Landed
22:45 OE1621 Stuttgart Landed
22:50 IB3124 Madrid Landed
22:50 OE187 Tel Aviv Landed
22:50 OS456 London Landed
22:55 AF1238 Paris Landed
22:55 W62848 Milan Landed
22:55 W62874 Oslo Landed
23:00 EW5817 Hannover Landed
23:00 OE317 Barcelona Landed
23:00 VK2003 Paris Landed
23:10 LH1246 Frankfurt Landed

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Runways: 3500m, 3600 m.

Operator: Flughafen Wien AG

Address: Wien-Flughafen, 1300 Schwechat, Austria

Phone: (+43) 17 00 7​0, Fax: (+43) 17 00 72 38 06

Opening Hours: 24 hours / 7 days.

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